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ccTLD Registrar Accreditation Consultancy

GCSB specializes in country-code domains, we work with accredited ccTLD registrars around the world. The expertise of our partners may help you getting registrar accreditation in these specific jurisdictions. We offer a complete package for getting accredited:

  • To-Do List / Check List
    Based on your current status, we will summarize your next steps to accomplish to get accredited. This includes legal, financial and technical preparation.
  • Technical Country-Code Domain Registration Automation
    Certain registries require new applicants to satisfy technical requirements regarding domain registration through API. We will provide you with the needed platforms and technical guidance to pass the technical tests and base your infrastructure.
  • Local Presence
    Some ccTLD administrators require registrars' local presence and personal administrative, billing and technical contacts. We may act as your official agent and attorney to make matters smooth.
  • Legal Help
    We will draft the required documents (service provision contracts, privacy policies, etc.), prepare your legal application and get the accreditation contract signed.

Country-code domain registrar accreditation package starts at 5,000$ per ccTLD. Every country-code domain zone is unique in its registrar accreditation requirements, so depending on the requirements complexity pricing varies considerably. Please contact us to learn more and get a quote for the zone of your interest.