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Global DNS Management

Running a network of international websites efficiently requires a high-performance high-availability DNS network with advanced tools. We offer you enterprise-grade DNS servers with a rich feature set:

  • 100% Uptime, Ultra Fast Host Resolve Time
    Our Anycast DNS network with 33 nodes all around the globe provide 100% uptime SLA and guarantee the highest resolve speed possible.
  • Geotargeting
    Advanced visitor segmentation tools help you balance load and deliver locally adapted content in the most optimal way. This easily improves your website loading time and user experience.
  • Integrated Template-Based DNS Zone Administration
    Modify your DNS settings for hundreds of domains with a click straight from the domain management portal.
  • Reports
    Get instant reports on your domain traffic by region, domain and time.

DNS management service starts at 250$ per year for 10 million queries per month. The service is available for all our domain management portal users registering and renewing domains with us. Please contact us to learn more.