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Exit Strategy Execution

Divesting from an online business or domain portfolio is rather hard due to uncertainty in values and lack of the marketplace for such equity. It also involves various risks in closing the deal. We partner with the leading law and audit firms and investment banks specializing in online ventures to provide the certainty you need and help you close the deal faster:

  • Business or Portfolio Valuation
    Audited realistic valuation of your assets gives the ground for your deal. Professional business risk analysis makes the potential buyer feel safer about the prospect and apply a lower discount due to lower uncertainty.
  • Buyer Search and Negotiation
    We get the potential buyers to the table and negotiate the letter of intent.
  • Transaction Closure
    We structure the deal in the most tax-optimal way and make sure it is closed properly.

Our services are compensated on commission basis. The rate is 5-10% of the deal closing value which should exceed 50,000$. Please contact us to learn more.