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About Global Corporate Services Bureau, Inc.

GCSB was established in 2011 by international domaining and online intelectual property protection professionals. We are a true international new venture (a born global firm) with the founding team from different countries, strategic partners in the USA, EU and India. We are incorporated in Seychelles, have operations worldwide and representative offices in the USA and Latvia. Our experience in the industry and cosmopolitan founding team makes us confident we are the right match for international ventures seeking assistance in technical and legal matters online.

We feel especially strong in the Eastern Europe and Caucasus region. We started our first individual ventures here, we know the culture, we speak the languages and we get the deals done fast. Nevertheless, our experience around the world made us confident to enter any small to middle (population: <50M) non-English speaking markets and prevail there. Our current quest is GCSB's legal motherland Africa and we hold high interest in Latin America`s markets.

Get in touch with us and see how we can help prosper your venture online.