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SEO and Domain Monetization Optimization

Your keyword-based domains may generate sufficient visitors traffic to make it profitable. Some of our clients' portfolios consist of hundreds of ccTLD domains with only 2-3 daily visitors per domain on average. Ads on them make enough to cover portfolio maintenance costs.

We are here to help you make additional income while waiting for the sale deal:

  • Domain Traffic Analysis
    We analyse what kind of visitors come to your domains, where they come from and what they are looking for. Then we suggest the monetization method: standard domain parking, custom landing page, unique blog, etc.
  • Domain Monetization Implementation
    We make your domains earn money with the most optimal method while you can take a deep breath monitoring how we perform in your domain management portal dashboard.
  • Domain Ranking Improvement
    We work with high-potential keyword-based domains to get them ranking well on Google. This increases earnings from advertisements due to more visitors and provides you with more leverage in the domain sale deal as a result of the natural Google search results position.

Domain monetization optimization service is available for all clients in their domain management portal if they park domains with us.