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Domain Portfolio Management

Investors in intangible assets face risks that require a professional manager: liquidity risks, asset protection risks, operational/business risks, etc. This is one job already, but country-code domain portfolio investors face additional risks: currency risks, legal risks, technical risks, etc. We help them focus on the capital side while making sure all technical and legal matters are in order:

  • Bulk Domain Management
    Register and renew all your ccTLD domains in one place, manage their DNS using templates.
  • Centralized Billing
    Get one monthly invoice for all services in one currency.
  • Legal Advice
    Be sure how your domains comply with the local law and what risks are involved.

We target our services at young international ventures and offer very competitive rates. The starting deposit is only 2,000$ which may be sufficient for up to 200 domain registrations. Please contact us to learn more and get a quote.